The Chile v Mexico match tonight was fantastic. The ball control each player on the Chilean National Team is something special. The foundation of that group is heart. Every player on the pitch tonight fought like warriors. The beauty of it all is that they all possess finesse as well. The technical ability of Bravo in goal is so much fun to watch. Everything starts with the keeper. Their ability to show grit, toughness, and tiki taka all at once is what the game should be evolving to. PURE beauty tonight!

What exactly is technical. I feel like this term is uses so loosely and I do not like it. I think for most when people hear technical they think of dribbling and moves, something that catches the eye. To me there is so much more to it than that. To me: First touch, ball control under tight spaces, not losing the ball, passing and receiving, speed of play, body positioning. Many many times I will come across players that are have tremendous ball skills in their dribbling BUT can’t pass and receive if there life depended on it. A players ability to go out on his own and take the time to juggle, dribble practice moves and shifty is attainable. To obtain top class sharpness on the ball to play quickly and be sharp in you collecting a ball and hitting crisp passes is over seen by many coaches in this country in my opinion. Too many times we say that 6-7-8 year olds need to dribble and “be free” which I agree with BUT we as coaches need to step in and start teaching the FUNDAMENTALS of the game in passing and receiving technique.

I coach and observe players at all levels from U8 to Division I soccer. I go scout high school, club and academy games. I attend College ID camps. I observe players from 10-14 for club soccer and over and over again I see the same thing. The lack in technical ability to pass and receive. This completely slows the game down and eventually forces turnovers constantly. That is why when you show up to a game or a practice somewhere in this country, it looks like you are observing a pinball machine. You can go to Europe and observe Ajax, FC Twente in holland at the younger ages and their technigue in flawless in this area. You can go to England where they play more “direct” yet a player still has the ability to collect a ball on a dime and feed it to someone else quickly. We all don’t have to try and be like Barcelona but something has got to give in this area of development for our kids.
Take the time you watch our last match in the World Cup against Belgium. Tim Howard took the show with all his fantastic saves. The rest of the team? couldn’t string 3 passes together. These are the players in our country that are playing at the highest level and the best of their capacities. Fast, athletic and fit, yes. Hard working, dedicated yes. Technically able to hold rhythm of the game through out a match??? Is it really their fault though? Did anyone teach them the true fundametals of the game when they were 10,12,14 years old or were they told “just give him the ball and let him do his magic.” Players have ability to succeed in this country, we just need to steer them in the right direction with basic fundamentals at the early ages.






Hi my name is Javier Ayala-Hil, director of East Bay Soccer Training. My purpose for starting this training program is to have the ability to train young players that are highly motivated and I believe I have the tools to provide a great training environment for players.

In this blog I will be writing about my perspective is in the game of soccer and what I can potentially do to keep the sport growing in this country but more importantly discuss how we can develop players to have the chance to become good enough to be compared to the rest of of the world.

I want to just start out by saying that I am very blessed to still be a part of the game today. Soccer has been my lively hood and now I am made it a career. I am an assistant college coach and a youth coach. I have friends involved in all sectors of soccer starting from the youth level all the way to the professional ranks. I have deep passion for the game and I am looking for ways to where I can an effect in the game in a significant and positive manner within my community.

I think one thing is clear throughout the soccer community. WE SHOULD be BETTER. Whats wrong? resources? Talent? Culture? Passion? education? There are so many factors and ways to approach this manner of why we are still not a powerhouse at the highest level. Why are we not having players playing consistently in the Bundesliga, the Premier League, the La Liga. We have over 300 million people in this country with about 4.1 million players registered!!!!

I will tackle this issue and put my perspective to it on the next one!



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