To Pass and Receive

“It’s no surprise that a boy like Christian is progressing right now at Dortmund, because technically he’s very, very good. He’s very intelligent, but that technical piece is massive. If you can’t hang in a session technically, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, how fast you are, even how intelligent you are, really. If you can’t hang technically, then you’ll be found out immediately. People won’t pass you the ball any more. Everything will break down on you. So to me that’s the biggest part.” – Danny Karbassiyoon (Arsenal Scout born in the US)

As a youth coach you have to be accountable to teaching players the simple technique to pass and receive. ALL our players have to master this attribute by the time they are 16. Unfortunately this is not even close of being the case. Great article, READ BELOW:

Player Development Article 




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