East Bay Soccer Training provides a training and educational experience for young players seeking to learn what it takes to play at a high level. The objective is to provide extensive technical and tactical field training the game demands. Javier has an extensive professional playing background and he now spends most of our time giving back to the game. Javier takes pride educating players and providing not only an excellent training environment but guidance on how to become the best version of themselves.


  • Personal Training session with Javier Ayala


  • Boys and Girls Ages 9-14 years old

  • 2-6 Players Max


  • Speed/Agility with the ball

  • Technical

  • Tactical

  • Mentorship — Set a plan of action for long term development


Duration: 1hr and 15 min Session

When: Monday-Friday

Where: East Bay

Time Slots: 9am-8pm

College Soccer ID Camps San Francisco

This Summer we will be hosting a series of College Soccer ID Camps and an elite youth camp on Sf State’s campus. This will be another good opportunity for boys of high school age to be trained by College Soccer Coaches. We will also host an elite youth soccer camp younger players. Players will have the opportunity to be coached and trained by College Coaches. Check out the link below for more information.

To Pass and Receive

“It’s no surprise that a boy like Christian is progressing right now at Dortmund, because technically he’s very, very good. He’s very intelligent, but that technical piece is massive. If you can’t hang in a session technically, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, how fast you are, even how intelligent you are, really. If you can’t hang technically, then you’ll be found out immediately. People won’t pass you the ball any more. Everything will break down on you. So to me that’s the biggest part.” – Danny Karbassiyoon (Arsenal Scout born in the US)

As a youth coach you have to be accountable to teaching players the simple technique to pass and receive. ALL our players have to master this attribute by the time they are 16. Unfortunately this is not even close of being the case. Great article, READ BELOW:

Player Development Article 




Making of a World Class Player

Do I have an answer to this? Probably not. I do feel however that this may be a starting point to address the issues within youth development in our country. I have posted an article below which talks about the pay-to-play model in America. In the end no matter where you are living in this country, we need more players, coaches and people to strive to make a positive impact within our community for the love of the game. With this passion, we can potentially give more players the opportunity to grow as players and more importantly as people.


Summer Soccer Camp!




East Bay Soccer Training will be conducting its first soccer camp this Summer, June 13th-17th in Berkeley! This is a great opportunity for players to start their summer in the right direction with an intensive 5 day camp. If you are looking to be challenged technically, mentally, and physically this is the camp for you! At East Bay Soccer Training, the ability to put in hard work in the sport you love always brings enjoyment and happiness to a players face.  Our goal for each player is to improve and instill a real passion  for the game of soccer. For more information please click on the link below:

Click on this link: